Backpacker's Map From Jicotea To Camping Reserve. 10K Hike From Jicotea. 5mile Hike From The Rock. Even though the road is only dirt and rocks, a bus comes every M.W.F.

How do we get there?     For Self Guided Transport - campers and backpackers...  (If you are not taking Full Guided Transport)  

There is not a short answer for getting to our reserve. We are hard to find and we are located a long way from the airport. To fly from the US and reach our camping reserve takes a day and a half. People do make it in one day but you must have dry weather and an early flight to achieve this. If you must stay in a hotel when you reach Turrialba we suggest Hostel Casa de Lis, $50 or less: Rancho Naturalista is more upscale with vast acres of trails and jungle:

Self Guided Transport -  Busses only cost a few dollars but they are a big challenge to find.  If you are savvy with the CR Bus system you can purchase tickets online at At the airport the bus is found by walking off the airport grounds and looking on the side of the road for the bus shelter. Take the airport bus to the central station in San Jose. Then take a taxi to the Turrialba Bus station at  6th Avenue and 13th St. You can purchase a ticket at that location or on line beforehand. Be vigilant, watch your wallet. Board the bus and off you go to Turrialba. The ride takes several hours. The bus lets you off in Turrialba at the main depot. You have two choices for busses and can also take a 4x4 taxi from here to the reserve for 20,000 colonies. You can call Don Rene,  he drives a 4x4, ph:  8666-7928. Best to phone or email Don in advance. When you are making your reservations with me I can give you his email. On M.W.F. there is a Special VEREH bus leaving Turrialba at 2:00 from the center of town close to a gas station: Aveninda 2, between Calle0 and Calle 2. The Jicotes bus only goes as far as Jicotea. From there you will have a long, hard, beautiful hike for 10miles. The local, Vereh bus only runs M.W.F.,  costs 2,000 colonies (about 4 US dollars) one way and  comes to La Cruze, that's one mile from the camping reserve. You can leave Vereh by this bus on M.W.F. at 7:00am. Once you have reached The Cruze  (the T in the road) in Vereh get out, follow the sign to your right for one mile. The other bus from Turrialba takes you as far as Jicotea. You’ll have a 10.2mi hike. Go straight, follow the signs, Turn right at The Rock, which you can't actually see until you’ve made the turn. GPS Coordinates:  Longitude and Latitude are, 9.777683, N and 83.518232 W.   66XRQFHJ+3P