Platform #3 Gives You A Mountain Side View Of The Banana Grove

Platform #3 Gives You A Mountain Side View Of The Banana Grove


Single Tent Pavilion w/roof;  with one or two people:  Includes, Meals on M.W.F. plus various snacks. Full roundtrip, guided transportation to and from the airport in San Jose.      $1,000 per week

Two tents on a Platform.          $   500 each tent.  This plan includes meals M.W.F., but does not include Transportation to and from the airport.                                                         $1,000 per week

Round trip Transportation with a Guide, to and from Juan Santamaria Airport is.    $500 round trip. The trip takes about 4-5 hours driving. Stopping for food and supplies can add additional hours to the trip.

Grass Camping with a tin roof - for families with one or two children under 12, includes meals on M.W.F. and transport.   Extra Children are free (and donations accepted)              $1,000 per week                                                                                       

 Grass Camping for Backpackers.   $5/night. Does not include platform, roof top, meals, transportation.Meal are served M.W.F., $50 per day.  Backpackers are often delighted to pick chores from the volunteer list.     $     5/night

MEALS - We serve breakfast lunch and dinner on MWF….$50/day each camper. (NOTE: meals and snacks are included with some plans.) Campers often like to cook their own meals. You can make a choice when you make your reservation.

SNACKS are gratis and provided every day.

MOVIE STAR PACKAGE - $30,000. This package is an opportunity to help protect the rain forest in a big way. You'll be helicoptered in from Juan Santamaria Airport to our campgrounds. Your bedding is all new, from the tent down to the aero bed, pillows, sheets, and covers. With advance reservations we design menus customized to your taste and preferences. Even though we are providing every comfort possible, you will still be camping in a wild and wonderful setting.

HOTEL ROOM - We are hard to find and we are located a long way from the airport. To fly from the US and reach our camping reserve takes a day and a half. People do make it in one day but they take early flights and have dry weather. Sometimes, in heavy rain it is impossible to reach our Reserve. In this case we suggest that you spend the night in Turrialba and continue to the camp grounds the next day. Our shuttle driver will help you make last minute reservations. A few suggestions are listed:

Hostel Casa de Lis, my favorite in Turrialba is $50 or less. It has an inner garden and is close to all of the shops.

Hotel Interamericano is in Turrialba on the south side of the train tracks. Rooms as low as $20/night. 

Hotel Casa Turire is 10 miles beyond Turrialba in the direction of our camp grounds, for $115 or more.

Rancho Naturalista is on the road to our Reserve. more than $100 per night. It has lots of birds, butterflies, and animals.

Or search on Google for another hotel in or near Turrialba/LaSuiza.

OUR PRICES - We are sometimes asked why some of our prices seem high. The answer is that the money you spend goes directly for protection of the rainforest, maintenance of the campgrounds,  and salaries of employees. Local Ticos and our Indigenous neighbors would not have employment if it were not for your dollars. We are a non-profit and I (the owner) do not take a salary. 

SPECIAL RATES - We try to give special rates to larger groups. Please email us your questions about rates.

REFUND POLICY - If you arrive and find you must leave after one night, we will give you full refund on your Tent Pavilion. No refund can be given for transportation.